A need for reconciliation

To the editor:

Nothing good comes from anger and hate. The killing of George Floyd, the shooting of Jacob Blake and the killings of 3 protesters remind us how far America is divided. Each victim left a mother, a father and other loved ones. Polarization has reached its worst level since the Civil War. Personal attacks have replaced honest dialogue. This rancorous divide prompts gridlock and threatens Democracy. And the merchants of anger, like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, make millions from fomenting mock anger.

A call for law and order may be appealing; however, remember how Americans were duped into voting for Richard Nixon’s law and order platform, and as it turned out, Nixon was the law breaker. Let us not be duped again. Federal troops will not solve racial prejudice or reform our institutions of justice.  

There is hope from Joe Biden and Senator Harris. The Democratic National Convention showed  the real America and included speeches from moderates like pro-life Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich whose endorsement of Biden/Harris evidences the real potential of Biden’s bipartisan approach of reconciliation.  Make no mistake, Mr. Biden and Senator Harris condemn property destruction and oppose defunding police. At the same time, they offer practical long-term solutions for justice reform and combatting racial injustice.

Joe Biden is a man of faith, attending weekly Catholic mass. We will not see ugly insulting tweets from him; instead, expect compromise and effective solutions.

We are a grieving nation that needs a healing. Let us not turn to a voice of anger. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris offer a real chance of peace, reconciliation and bipartisanship.


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