Why I wouldn’t allow Circle Power turbines

To the editor:

First, Circle Power Amber/Infrastructure/Hunt Company are really based in London!

Second, U.P.P.C.O. is controlled by a leveraged equity holding company, Balfour/Beatty, London also!

Third, Circle Power/Amber Infrastructure is a builder, who I would guess, would sell their turbines to someone else, after building!

Fourth, Adams and Stanton Twp. need to have have a legal binding, irrevocable contract that follows NEW owners or they aren’t liable for the old contract!

Fifth, the wind power is inconsistent, like the Huron Mountains, for large wind farms!

Sixth, the Federal government subsidies; we would give millions of dollars to a foreign corporation, the reason they don’t mention the lack of wind power or other flaws not divulged!

Tax poor towns are being preyed upon by foreign entities, with no allegiance to us.

L’Anse Twp. had a referendum vote, no turbines were built, R.E.S. left, and Weyerhauser sold to Lyme, so we would have been without a contract, and they would be laughing all the way to London! Why haven’t they tried to build on the Ontonagon side of the Keweenaw? They have more wind.


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