Liquid spirits do harm

To the editor:

I am going to try and write this letter and not sound self-centered, judgmental or religious, because I’m not. But, someone has to denounce crazy ideas that would make God’s house anything but a home of worship and prayer.

I’m talking about the Paster and Brewster from a church I saw on TV6. They said they are going to have a brewery in their church and invite the community in to drink the beer there. I know that churches are having a hard time filling pews, but let’s get real Pastors and start studying, trusting, and doing what’s in those Bibles gathering dust in empty pews. Trust and follow God’s word and not the words of some marketing expert (a former drip). There is no way Jesus Christ would bless such a stupid move (Read John 2:16).

Maybe their church already marries same sex couples. What’s next, an abortion clinic in the basement of — a church? Serving God is not about making money or the numbers but about making disciples; do it God’s way or get out of the ministry. If there is no church (the body of born again believers), there is no moral compass to guide our country.

That’s not a good thing.

Trust me, the abuse of alcohol (drunkenness) has done more damage and destroyed more families and relationships than anything else. Beer and wine is cheap, may taste good, make you feel good, and is available everywhere. It can be a temporary crutch until one gets addicted, then it will kill, or destroy, your life.

I asked you to trust me because in my 81 years, I have been there, done that. I was a witness to all the Satanic evilness alcohol can cause.

You may ask, “How do I know when it’s time to stop drinking?”

My answer would be when it starts to control your life instead of you controlling it. That goes for anything from a cultish religion, sex, gluttony or any other addiction.

Instead of liquid spirits controlling my life, I invited the Holy Spirit into my heart to help me control my life in a righteous way. Now that is a good thing!

Note: God really loves you. Accept him now as your Lord and Savior. Drugs and alcohol are not the answer to your troubled life.


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