International outrage misplaced

Is anyone else sick of pro-Hamas propaganda and rhetoric being spouted forth in anti-Israeli demonstrations across our country and around the world? I sure hope you are!

In the wake of the hideous 10/7 massacre of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists, multitudes of people around the world have risen up in support of the terrorists, instead of the victims of the terrorist attack.

As rockets continue to be fired into Israel, and protesters engage in antisemitic chants such as “Free Palestine from the river to the sea,” Israelis are forced to take decisive action against Hamas, for the sake of their own lives and homeland.

Hamas, who was elected to the government by the Palestinian people, cares little about its own citizens. This is proven by Hamas’ eagerness to engage in barbaric activities against its own people, such as tunneling beneath civilian hospitals and building military installations there. Where is the international outrage against that? Indeed, Israel has put much more effort into minimizing Palestinian civilian casualties than Hamas has, who would rather see its own people get slaughtered for the cameras to gain international sympathy and support.

Fortunately, many Americans can see through the propaganda, and polls show that the vast majority of Americans stand with Israel in its war with Hamas.

Let us all do so, as we once again see the ancient scourge of antisemitism on the rise across the world.

Daniel Niemela



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