The Media Research Center is disinformationist

Tim Graham and Brent Bozell who are funded by the elite like the Mercers, corporations and other individuals who want to deceive the average voters who are not aware of the background and motives of this disinformationist organization, that lives off of the money they are funded, will say anything that they are told to print!

As Rupert Murdoch said in a Florida courtroom when sued by two of his reporters who were told to re-write a story: It is my First Amendment right to lie!

If you haven’t read Manufactured Consent by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman, you will see, but probably know already, what has happened to the credibility of our news media, radio, television, internet and worldwide news reporting!

I worked for the State of Arizona as a mental health counselor/psychologist, and found that governments and private organizations have blended together into a state of collusion that I was happy to retire from at 62 years old, with my last experience of the the State saying they had lost our medical records, of all employees with 20 or more years of employment, and said we needed to fill a 13-page form full of HIPA violations, as if we were new employees. Only six of us hired a personal lawyer, and only needed our medical doctors signatures on the 13th page, and nothing was again mentioned by personnel or our C.E.O.

I understand, and wish you the peace I have after retiring, and commend the things you do in the paper, and bringing God back into the picture!

I realize that the syndicated opinion articles are beyond your control, but I do like Rachel Marsden, and others who would “speak the party line,” but became disgusted with the hypocrisy of “group think.”

Robert Maki



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