Windigo who?

The Wisconsin Windigo is a Green Bay-based team that plays in the North American Hockey League. Their connection to the Copper Country? The coach, Blake Hietala, is formerly from Houghton and played for Michigan Tech. Their roster does or did include two local players who aren’t regulars and now two MTU prospects not from our area.

So why do full 20-inch plus Windigo game stories appear weekly in the sports pages of the Gazette? That’s the $64,000 question. Quite some time ago, I left a voicemail for the sports editor, asking him to tell me what I’m missing. No call back.

More recently, I talked to the editor who concluded that it’s okay to run the stories. That it’s merely a matter of opinion.

Matter of opinion? How about common sense? Game stories of a team located far from the Gazette’s coverage area with little or no local interest? (They do play in Eagle River, Wisconsin.)

When the Windigo closed out their regular season earlier this month in first place (at the time) in their division, the Gazette ran a banner sports headline once reserved for a U.P. or state title that blared out “Best finish possible.” All four local Windigo fans must have applauded.

In this letter-writer’s opinion, the Windigo have absolutely no place in the Gazette sports section.

Pete Bousu



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