UIA update: Claim dashboard launched to increase transparency

LANSING — The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) has launched a new dashboard to increase transparency and provide insight into the historic measure of unemployment insurance activity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The online resource, available at Michigan.gov/UIA, hosts weekly data including the total amount of unemployment benefits paid for federal and state unemployment programs, types of claims, number of claimants, percent of eligible claimants paid and weekly claim activity.

The dashboard will be updated each Wednesday and includes a download feature for a full report containing more detailed information.

Telephone Appointment System

The UIA continues to encourage claimants to utilize the new phone appointment system. Launched last week, the tool helps customers resolve specific claim issues and has already served nearly 5,000 workers. The Agency reminds claimants to please answer their phones at the designated appointment time. The UIA will contact claimants from the following number: 866-500-0017.

Customers can schedule an appointment online up to one week in advance at Michigan.gov/UIA for the following issues:

— I filed under the wrong Social Security Number

— My claim is inactive

— I am unable to certify for all weeks needed

— I need to file a claim, but one is already filed in my name

— I do not have the link in MiWAM to file a claim

Paying Unemployment Claims

Since March 15, over 2.3M certifying, potentially eligible claimants have applied for state and federal benefits, with over $25B in benefits paid to 2.2M workers, or roughly 96% of potentially eligible, certifying claimants. There are currently around 99,000 claimants needing ID verification and just under 11,000 in the adjudication process which requires a one-on-one review of their claim.

UIA Data March 15 – Oct. 29

— $25.5B Benefits paid

— 2,907,557 Total unique claimants (State and Federal)

— 287,400 Claimants determined currently ineligible for benefits

— 297,577 Claimants who have not certified

— 2,322,580 Total unique potentially eligible claims with certification

— 2,222,842 Claimants paid at least once

— 95.7% Percent paid at least once

— 98,875 Claimants unpaid due to ID verification

— 10,863 Claimants unpaid due to other non-monetary issues


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