Responsible firearm training, certification at 906 Tactical

On Saturday, Aug. 22, Jeff Stroud taught a class for law-abiding Yoopers looking to receive their concealed pistol licenses (CPL). Stroud teaches his classes on not only the legalities of CPLs, but how to be a responsible, and, in his words, exemplary carrier.

Stroud is a fully-licensed instructor and expert marksman, certified as a chief range safety officer and a National Rifle Association (NRA)-certified instructor. Outside of his 906 Tactical courses, Stroud is also the Michigan Tech range master, overseeing all clubs and activities at the Tech Range, and the beginning rifle instructor.

The CPL course offered by 906 Tactical, which owned and operated by Stroud, is an eight-hour, highly intensive course. It includes the NRA personal protection in the home course, which is required by Michigan to be taken for a CPL, as well as the NRA-certified pistol first steps course.

The pistol first steps course is a prerequisite for the personal protection in the home course, so when taking 906 Tactical’s CPL course, the student receives both trainings in one course.

The 906 Tactical website explains that, “You will receive the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.”

A large focus of 906 Tactical’s education is healthy mindset, and responsibility. The class teaches students that handguns are not toys, or props, and that anyone carrying a firearm needs to be trained and responsible.

Guns are capable of taking one’s life in the wrong hands, but also capable of defending one’s, or others’, lives in the right hands.

The CPL course description continues, “Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation, firearms and the law, how to choose a handgun for self-defense, and continued opportunities for skill development.”

“If you’re not going to train, don’t carry,” Stroud said during the class.

A CPL holder is responsible for every bullet, Stroud said, at every stage.

Someone about to fire a weapon needs to be aware of where the bullet is going before it hits the target, and after. In self-defense, the subject assumes responsibility for everything that bullet touches, and the subject needs to be aware of all possible outcomes.

Stroud makes it clear that carrying a handgun, while being a Constitutional right, is also a large responsibility to oneself, along with everyone around them.

Handguns are not only self-defense tools outside, but are also for keeping oneself safe at home.

“One hundred percent of home invasions happen in the home,” Stroud said.

Whether out and about among strangers, or relaxing at home, someone with a gun needs to be aware of best practices, needs to continue their training for the best possible outcomes for themselves and those around them.

A two-hour legal video that all CPL candidates are required to view and are tested on, states that “CPL holders are very law-abiding people. The vetting process is very precise and stringent, and it’s very easy for someone to lose their CPL for breaking gun laws.”

CPL holders are constantly under scrutiny, and must be exemplary in abiding by gun laws in order to win the trust of law makers and the public bodies around them.

Having a CPL is a great responsibility and a privilege. Concealing a handgun without a CPL is a five-year felony, and public endangerment if not properly trained and taken seriously.

Lucky for those looking to be properly educated, responsible, and well-equipped to defend themselves and others by exercising their Second Amendment rights, there’s Jeff Stroud and 906 Tactical.


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