Keweenaw County’s Economic Development Survey

Keweenaw County’s Economic Development Committee (KCEDC) is polling the public to help determine its priorities for development.

“After working for a year on priorities we generated ourselves, it has become obvious that there are plenty of opportunities for creating new economic opportunity in the area. We need, however, the public’s input to set priorities and pick among competing initiatives,” commented KCEDC chairman, Todd Holmstrom.

Click on following link to complete the survey on-line https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N9FQ7FL.

On-line submissions are preferred as the results are instantly tabulated and available. The KCEDC is, however, working with the townships to send out a paper copy of the survey to tax payers who may not have access to the internet. Paper copies can either be dropped off at the Keweenaw County courthouse or at the individual’s township office.

The results of the survey will be available to the public and posted on the KCEDC page of the Keweenaw County web site. The survey is open on the main page of the Keweenaw County web site until the end of the calendar year.

New economic initiatives are being considered for the county and it is important to know which enjoy the most public support.


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