Late Mailing of Property Tax Bills – Portage Township

During Winter 2018 taxes, a taxation error caused over billing by $840.42 total for all township property taxpayers. Winter 2019 Property Taxes will include refunds of approximately $.02 to $4.00 as determined at the Dec. 9 Board of Review. Bills will not be mailed until mid-December, but the township can accept payments during the first week of December. After the Board of Review approves the refunds, adjusted tax bills will be mailed. Township residents can expect to receive tax bills during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December. If a bill is not received by 1/2/20, contact the township office for a copy. Residents may pay taxes anytime from Dec. 1 to 31 if you wish to meet federal income tax deadlines for 2019. If residents pay in advance of the refunds being credited, it is up to the resident to come to the township office for the refund in person. Refunds will not be mailed unless the amount is over $5.00. Winter taxes are due by Feb. 14, and after Feb. 28, all taxes for 2019 are considered late and are due to Houghton County.

Tax bills can be paid:

– In person at the Township Office, Treasurer and Deputy hours will be posted.

– At the Township Office drop box 24 hours/day.

– Mailed to the Portage Township Office at 47240 Green Acres Rd Houghton, MI 49931

– Online at https://ipn2.paymentus.com/rotp/ctpt – with a 2.7% processing fee

Questions? Contact us via email at treasurer@charterportagetwp.org. Call 906-482-4310 ext. 3 or and ask for the Treasurer.


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