Time to end the hate

To the editor:

In the spring of 2019, Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Florida, where he railed about the caravans of immigrants trying to come into America, and he asked the crowd, what can we do with them?  Someone in the crowd yelled, “Shoot them!”  The crowd laughed, and Trump laughed.  He laughed.

Three months later, a white man in Houston grabbed his assault rifle, got into his pickup truck and drove to El Paso, where he went into a Walmart and shot a bunch of people, because they “looked Mexican.”

This is your president.  This is the man you tout as being so godly, so pro-life.  This is the man you revere, fly flags in support of, honk your horns and put signs on your lawn for.  I know Trump did not pull the trigger.  However, he is undeniably responsible for the kind of hate and intolerance that has reared its ugly head during his tenure.

It is precisely this hate and intolerance that has lost him the election.  People are sick of the chaos, lying, corruption, bullying, tribalism, and they have sent the message that we want a better America.  We can be better than this.  Of course, Trump has done what we all knew he would do, and he refuses to accept the outcome of a free and fair election.  Many of his supporters echo his baseless claims of voter fraud.   This refusal is typical Trump – he is a petty, immature man-child.  And he looks foolish, not presidential.

I grew up in Laurium; I still live there for half the year.  I have many friends and neighbors that I love and cherish.  I hate to think that some of them are racist.  I have a hard time understanding how good people can support such a vile, evil man.  Some say, “The economy!  My 401K is doing well!”  and I have to ask them, what is your soul worth?  

I know that I will look at people differently.  And I hate that.  


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