A party issue

To the editor:

The media are calling for prosecution and punishment of the thugs who stormed our capitol on Jan. 6. Although I condemn their actions, I don’t believe they are thugs. There is a very high probability that most of them are decent law abiding people who care about this country but have been duped by a skillful huckster who has a knack for selling lies to people by telling them what they want to hear. These misguided victims of their leader’s scam have company in the 75 million Americans who voted for that huckster who cares only about himself.

But if the protesters must be punished, I understand, but please don’t throw the book at them.

If the book must be thrown, aim for the boot-licking butt-kissing republican senators and representatives who didn’t have the courage to standup to the vindictive bully throughout his four-year term. They knew he was lying about the “stolen” election but were afraid to even refer to Joe Biden as President elect because  they care more about their own ambitions more than their country.

I have voted Republican my whole life but I doubt that I ever will again. The Republican party has been ruined, Trump did not do it alone. He had help.  


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