Public comment period extended until May 29, for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service draft plans for managing the historic Huron Island Light Station on Huron National Wildlife Refuge

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking public review and comments regarding a draft Cultural Resources Management Plan and draft Environmental Assessment for Lighthouse Island of the Huron National Wildlife Refuge in Lake Superior (Marquette County, MI). Lighthouse Island is the only island within the refuge that has cultural resources to manage which includes the historic Huron Islands Light Station.

The primary need for a cultural resources management plan is to meet the refuge purposes and obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act and the Wilderness Act. The plan will layout a long-term program for administering cultural resources. The draft environmental assessment reviews three alternative approaches for cultural resources management on the island, including; continue current mothballing efforts, preserve all buildings, and the preferred alternative to preserve select buildings. The Service is proposing to preserve and protect the Lighthouse, Assistant Keepers Quarters, Privy, Oil House, Dock and Pathway as part of the Huron Islands Light Station and associated infrastructure. While removing the Boathouse, Fog Signal Building, Barracks and other site features as outlined. Cultural resources that may be physically removed will be preserved in an alternative format in a way that visitors can still know their location and function.

You are invited to review and comment on the draft Environmental Assessment and Cultural Resources Management Plan documents. The documents have been available since Apr. 15, and comments are being accepted until May 29. Documents are available on the refuge website: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/huron/. You can contact the refuge manager at 906-630-2015 or sara_siekierski@fws.gov to request documents in alternative formats.

Due to office closures, the best way to submit your comments is by email to sara_siekierski@fws.gov. If email is not possible you can submit comments by mail to Huron NWR Comments at 1674 Refuge Entrance Rd, Seney MI 49883.

For many, the thought of islands can evoke a sense of mystery, isolation, history, and wildness. Islands are a place of sanctuary and protection from the harsh elements of the open water. Islands also serve as a refuge for rare plants and animals, protected by miles of water from predators, diseases, and urban development. Your comments can help us better manage Lighthouse Island for its multiple values.


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